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Club Sportiva @ Club Auto Sport


Club Auto Sport offers chic luxury, modern innovation and automotive ingenuity, all under one roof and plays host to a number of public and private events. The Clubhouse Showroom features an array of rare collectible cars available for display as well as a significant one-of-a-kind private museum collection. With a sleek lounge bar and flexible space, the Clubhouse brings an extra air of class to any event. The Club brings unsurpassable intrigue and attractions to any group or themed event, and can accommodate small, large, indoor, outdoor, day or evening events.  Adjacent to the Clubhouse Showroom is the spectacular TMFC Museum and Patio, perfect for more intimate gatherings or as an extension of the Clubhouse for your party festivities. Capitalize on the fantastic year-round San Jose weather with the Patio’s wood-burning pizza oven, gas fireplace and covered commercial BBQ.

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Operating Hours/Days

Hours depend on events schedule.

* Please check with this business directly to confirm the information listed here is the most current.



521 Charcot Avenue, Sutie 100
San Jose, California 95131


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