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City Hall Peregrine Falcons


Falcon fans from around the globe tune in to San José’s wildest reality show featuring Clara, a rare peregrine falcon who makes her home in a nest box located on top of a ledge on the 18-floor City Hall in San Jose. In spring 2006 it was reported to Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group that two peregrine falcons were perching on and around the San Jose City Hall. Although the birds were frequently seen during the spring months, it was determined that they were not (yet) a nesting pair.  A nest box was installed by SCPBRG in 2006 in the hopes the pair might choose to nest there.  The falcons remained in the area through the remainder of the year, and in early spring 2007 they were again frequently seen together in the area. They did indeed choose to nest at City Hall, and 3 eggs were laid in the nest box in March of that year. Since 2012, Clara has had a handsome new man in her life, a tiercel (male falcon) named Fernando El Cohete, which means "Fernando the Rocket" and have raised their young each January-April since then.



Operating Hours/Days

Clara and Fernando can be spotted year round but the nesting period is January-April usually.

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200 East Santa Clara Street
San Jose, California 95113


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