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Makers Market - Santana Row

Makers Market

Makers Market brings you the best of timeless, thoughtfully designed, handcrafted goods made sustainably, right here in America. Through beautiful storytelling, photography and videography, you can discover the artistry, skill, and passion behind the products you love. 

The market aspires to preserve and grow the rich legacy of American Craftsmanship by celebrating and promoting the designers, artists, and all the makers who enrich our culture with their skills and talents. You'll find items that are functional, simply designed, durable, and beautifully made with materials such as leather, glass, metal, clay, and textiles. It is the marketeers' hope that you, the customer, will treasure these products in your homes and everyday lives. 

  • Makers Market
  • Makers Market

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378 Santana Row Suite 1110
San Jose, California 95128