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A high volumn technical event happening inside the exhibit halls at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

Tech Services Overview

San Jose offers the nation's best free Wi-Fi experience. Our "Wickedly Fast Free Wi-Fi" network begins at the Mineta San Jose International Airport, encompasses the Downtown San Jose area, and runs throughout the Convention Center, allowing thousands of attendees to stream simultaneously without interruption or congestion. 

Team San Jose also delivers state-of-the-art communications and provides qualified in-house support personnel to assist with meeting webcasting, cyber cafe set up, satellite transmissions, video streaming, and other technology needs that will make your event stand out and run smoothly.


Tech Services provides 3 separate in-house wireless options:

1) Wickedly Fast Free Wi-Fi: Tailored for all sized groups who will need state-of-the-art wireless solutions without the expense normally associated with a premium class of WiFi experience. This option gives you the best free, fast Wi-Fi technology in the nation, allowing thousands of attendees to stream simultaneously without interruption or congestion.

2) White Glove Service:  This service is geared toward small to large size groups who will need custom wired and wireless configurations. This option is a paid service. Clients may order this service using the Online Tech Services Order Form.

3) Bring Your Own Geek: This service provides the ultimate in flexibility and is geared toward groups with their own technical staff who need to build a private network and extend their company network. This option is a paid service for one flat-fee per day. Clients may order this service using the Online Tech Services Order Form.

Telephone Services:

Telephone Services are provided throughout the Convention Center by Team San Jose - Tech Services. Wired-line services are provided by either the facility’s VoIP system or Verizon Hosted IP Centrex lines. Supported land line services include everything from analog lines for phone sets, fax machines, modems and credit card machines to enhanced business telephone sets and services. All Telephone Services, including dial tone and telephones are ordered through Tech Services.

Cellular voice and data services are provided directly by industry leading wireless providers. Team San Jose works with AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Verizon to offer their latest 3G/4G services to clients within our San Jose Convention Center building. Each of these carriers has onsite cell site systems with extensive internal antennae distribution systems, enabling data plan clients with smart phones, tablets and air-card enabled laptops to receive high quality voice, video and data services. Please contact Tech Service at 408-792-4188 for more information on these systems and services.


For booth services, exhibitors can use the Exhibitor Tech Services Order Form.

For further information, please contact Tech Services online or call 408-792-4188.

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